Relaxation and Sophrology
French version

Developped in the 1960's by a Spanish medical Neuro-Psychiatrist, DR. Alfonso CAYCEDO,  this training of SOPHROLOGY aims to bring a better awareness of the relationship between MIND and BODY in a positive way. It will help to develop some new consciouness and abilities to achieve what life means for you in harmony with yourself.

The method is highly utilised in sports by TOP ATHLETES, in medical fields (physiotherapist,midwives, doctors) and in others fields such as business, art....

 A regular training will give you the abilities to feel quickly the effect of the practice : stronger resistance to stressful situations, enhancing performances and enjoying well-being!

Sophrology is helpful and efficient for
.self development
.stimulating creativity
.management of stress
.recovery from burn out
.energising motivation
.enhancing concentration
.stimulating memory
.coping with phobia
.preparing forthcoming event ( birth, surgery, exam, sport competition)
.dealing with insomnias
.reducing anxious behaviours




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