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mireille2012.jpgMireille BARREAU

Last News :

I have been invited as Sophrologist specialized on Sleeping disorders on the 15/04/2014 to take part to a TV programme on France 5 " La Quotidienne". 

The link is below. The part on sleeping disorders starts 26 mn after the beginning of the programme. 

-Specialist of relaxation techniques,
-Sleeping disorders,
-Physical  or mental disorders due to stress in  the work place,
-Body ‘s rhythm optimization for performance, 
-Anxiety crisis, Burn out and depression,
-Expatriation and adjustment to new cultural  environments (cultural shock)
Master specialist in Caycedian Sophrology,graduated from Lille 2 University Droit et Santé-DU Sophrology for professional.
Tel 00 33 6 34 22 33 56.
Email :  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

 I  found out about sophrology through competitive sport (Athletics and Handball) and discovered the benefits through performance management.

 I spent 10 years in Marketing and Communication as Manager and realized how some practices could be helpful and efficient in business environment. I then decided  in 2001 to prepare a Master Specialist in Caycedian Sophrology in order to share this efficient method to who it may concern. 

My international  experience and exposure as professionnal to 25 differents nationalities  (during the last 20 years, I lived 15 years abroad : South Africa, England, West Indies and Netherlands) made me discovered multiculturalism and abilities to adapt my work to very specific environments. 

 I do consider that Global Well-being is  accessible for all  and should be encouraged  for more sustainability  in performance. Global mindfulness is a real must for success and happiness in life and at work 

I now work in Paris (practice and business environment) after 7 years of practice in Netherlands. I am part of the INSV team( National Institute of Sleep and Alertness ) and give some training sessions to sophrologists or medical or paramedical staff on sleeping disorders all over Europe.

Please find below a description of my skills and their application fields.

 A / at my Practice in Paris : 1 to 1 session or group session

Since 2008, I developed a successful program « Improve your sleep, enjoy your Day »to support people with sleeping disorders. (96 % of the participants highly recommend the programme)

I practiced 7 years in Netherlands with the Expatriated community coming from all over the world (more than 20 different nationalities). During this period, I noticed some common disorders affecting adults or children.My personal experience of the situation ( I lived 15 years abroad) and my multicultural approach allowed me to adapt my practice to support their needs.


Support and follow-up for people suffering from disorders due to stress (e.g. anxiety crisis, phobia, tensions, burn-out) in order for them to come back to balance. In case of sickness, the work will be done in relationship with the GP or the psycho-therapist in charge of the patient.

Preparation of forthcoming events potentially stressful like exams, audition, sport competition or Birth. 

B/ Into Companies : 1 to 1  session or group session

For practitionerse.g. group of MSF: psychotherapist, psychologists Doctors who needed some practical tools to support their teams on field or refugees or themselves with sleeping disorders.

For a group being part of a seminar: in order to raise the awareness on specific topics which will be useful for themselves one day e.g :  sleeping disorders  and solutions or efficient tools to handle pressure.

For a group with specific needs: in order to support it with efficient tools : e.g : important issue to prepare, like convention, negotiation …

 These workshops can be part of a seminar (from one hour to a full day) or done with a follow-up (one hour every week for 5/10 weeks) with tools to use and practice in between sessions to optimise the improvement of the participants.

Group size : from 6 to 100







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