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 1 to 1 Session

It will last about one hour.

First, I will assess the need of the client. He will explain to me what are his expectations and needs.

Second, I will explain to him how I work and what how I may support his request. The idea is to tailor the techniques to his needs.
Third, I will do a practice with him and record it on a CD. (around 20 mn)
Then, I will get the feed-back of the practice of the day.
Fourth, I will ask him to listen to the CD and practice it on regular basis during the following week in order to develop his skills till the next appointment. The patient will have to write down on a notebook all his physical feelings or others things that appeared during his practice.
The following week, I will get his feed-back regarding his practice and explain the following training.
Step by step, we will move forward in the direction we targeted together.

As a sophrologist, I always work in positive directions. I try to stimulate all the positives sides of the present, the future and the past of the patient.

In each session, there is a part of relaxation. The patient learns to relax himself wherever he is, sitting or standing.
Depending on the type of the session, I can decide to use meditation or some small motions of different parts of the body during the session to help him to get aware of himself in different ways.



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