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What is a typical group session?

There are two options in FRENCH or ENGLISH

Whether the group want to use Sophrology for a better well-being, for general uses, whether the group has got a topic he wants to work on.

If there is no specific theme, I will use general techniques including Dynamic relaxation in order to develop the abilities of relaxation, stress management and well-being. ( one session per week between length :1h30 ask for me details)

If there is a theme (ex : insomnia, how to improve the quality of the sleep), I will set up a number of specific trainings related to the problem. Some part of the training ( length : 20 mn) will be recorded and print on a CD in order for the members of the group to practice it by themselves on regular bases.
Usually around 10 sessions are needed.When a participant can not attend some sessions, he can advise me. I will provide the audio CD of the training in order for him to keep on improving. 

15 mn before the following session, a summary of the previous training will be proposed if requested.
The cost is related to the size of the group.

                                    « Improve your Sleep, Enjoy your Day »

Based on Half day session or one hour per week (between 5 and 10 sessions),
1to 1 or group session.

The program can be amended according to special request
Type of program :

Step 1 : Our sleep and its process
Step 2 : The body rhythm
Step 3 : Stress mecanism and its effect
Step 4 : Hormones/ neurotransmettors and sleep : how does it work ?
Step 5 : Chronobiology / Chrononutrition : What to eat and when to improve our sleep ?
Step 6 : Disturbing events ?What to do with them ?

These themas will be discussed in relationship with sleeping disorders. Some Tools and some practices will be experienced during the training to bring the  awareness of new solutions.(e .g. how to fall back asleep ?)

After each session, an audio CD related to the practical elements of the sessions will be provided to enable partcipants to continue training in between sessions.

Other programmes :                                

EXAMS PREPARATION Programme 5 trainings

BIRTH PREPARATION Programme 8 trainings to start after 5 months of pregnancy

BALANCE, WEIGHT and WELL-BEING on long term basis Programme 10 trainings

QUIT SMOKING Programme 10 trainings ( to start 3 weeks before stopping)

 COPE WITH FLYING Programme (5 to 8 trainings)

Please call  06 34 22 33 56  to get some detailed informations about these programmes.










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