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Session of Sophrology/

Paced Breathing/Mindfulness

One to one session              Duration 1 hour                   

The session will be taylormade to your needs and related to physical or emotional disorders which can be linked to your past, present life or future. Steps by steps, you will move forward to a new state of balance.

Group sessions                  Duration 1h to a full day              


Session for Professionals ( Sophrologists or medical staff on sleeping disorders ):  From 2 to 3 days 

 Business environment and seminars : Duration 1h to a full day programmes on request

NO SHOW Policy
A full session will be invoiced in case of cancellation less than 48 hours before the appointment .
Please make sure to respect the timetable of the appointment in order not to delay the practitioner or to shorten your training. Many thanks for your understanding.



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